12 Drinks of Christmas – Drink 9


The 9th Drink of Christmas - Torontopolitan

After our delicious meal at Raglan Road, we headed back to our hotel room.  That’s when the Great Christmas Tree Caper began and we unfortunately never made it over to the monorail hotels that night like we had planned.  So the 9th Drink of Christmas came the next day from the Canada Pavillion at Epcot.

I spotted the Torontopolitan (Iceberg Vodka, Creme de Cassis, Triple Sec, and cranberry juice ) quickly.   There’s the Creme de Cassis again.  O.k., that worked out pretty well at the Tune In, I thought.  Unfortunately, that’s where my excitement over this drink ends.

I don’t know if it was all those flavors fighting to be dominant or what was going on, but for a drink with a berry liqueur, cranberry juice, and Triple Sec, you would think this drink would have a lot more flavor.   But it didn’t really have much flavor at all, it was bland and underwhelming.   It also came out of a machine, so it wasn’t very strong.  My drinking companion and I both agreed that this something we would probably pass on in the future.

One interesting thing of note though,  Le Cellier has the same drink on their menu.  But their version lists actual Chambord instead of Creme de Cassis.   So they are using the good stuff.   I also suspect they probably mix them up fresh there, as opposed to the machine.   Because of this, I am thinking we might have a drink with the same name and same general ingredients, but with a different outcome as far as taste and strength.  We have reservations at Le Cellier next month so I might give it another try then and compare the two.  If I do, I will definitely do a follow-up post.

Still hanging around Epcot for the 10th Drink of Christmas.  Only three drinks to go.


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