12 Drinks of Christmas – Drink 8

One of the Road

The 8th Drink of Christmas - One for the Road

When you take around ten pictures of the same drink in a restaurant, people start to look at you funny.   But it’s a little difficult sometimes to take a photo in a dark restaurant when you can barely see.  Like Raglan Road.  They keep it dark in there unless the dancers are dancing.   So I’d like to take a moment to apologize to those at nearby tables who might have been blinded by the light while I tried to photograph this one.

The name of this drink is One for the Road.  So I ordered it for the road.   With a name like that, I just couldn’t help it.   Our server brought it out to me in the nice glass above, and then he brought me this.

Really One for the Road

Make it one for my baby, and one more I can take on a Disney bus

Well, Drink A wouldn’t fit into Cup B without a few sips off the top so I drank some of it before leaving the restaurant.  A blend of Ciroc Vodka and Midori Melon, with orange and pineapple juice,  it was fruity and delicious,.  It didn’t taste like alcohol, but you could feel it.  My drinking companion liked it too, at least what I would let him have of it.   (He really should have gotten his own.)

I know they have a lot of good beer and whiskey at Raglan Road, and a beer with fish and chips is the perfect pub combo.  But if it’s a hot day or you’re just not in the mood for either of those, think about giving this drink a try.   Its become a new favorite for me and I will definitely be having another the next time I go to Raglan Road.

We’re headed back to Epcot for drinks 9 and 10.  Number 9 surprised me… and not in a good way.


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