The Drinking Disney Daily Photo Blog

When I started this blog, I wanted to build the largest online collection of Disney drink photos out there.  Why?  Well, why not?

Disney “Food Porn” is quite popular, but there isn’t much  Disney “Drink Porn” out there.  Sure, you can find a few drink photos scattered throughout the bulletin board threads and Facebook pages, but do you have time to look through all the pictures of entrees, appetizers and desserts to find them?  I sure don’t.

I also don’t have time to look through the poorly managed photo albums on my computer every time I go to make a post.  So I was thinking that if I start putting the photos I have up on a blog and tag them, the next time I am writing about a particular drink or lounge, I won’t have to try to remember where I put the photo on my hard drive.  (I swear this is much easier than trying to organize them on my computer.)   Instead, I can just look up it up by the tag(s) for it…and so can you. There will be photos of drinks, lounges,  menus, and other assorted “Drinking Disney” related stuff.   All the photos will be tagged in a (hopefully) logical way so you can easily find what you’re looking for, or, if you just want to look at pictures, you can page through the posts that way.

Finally, I don’t claim to be a great photographer.  I don’t own a fancy camera, and more than a few of  the photos I currently have were  taken with a cell phone.   But if you see something on the photo blog you’d like to use on your own blog or site,  feel free to do so.   I know how it is when you want to write about something, and you just don’t have the right picture(s) to accompany it.   As long as you credit Drinking Disney for the photo,  we’re good.   My photos will be easy to spot because I won’t put a photo credit on them.    However, if you see a photo with a photo credit, please don’t use those without contacting me first as they are photos sent to me by friends or readers or used via Creative Commons license.   For some of them, I can probably reach the person who took it and ask them if you can use it and get back to you.   Also, if you have photos you’d be willing to allow me to post and use in future articles, e-mail them to me at with what it is and/or where it was taken (if you remember) and how you’d like to be credited for them. I would love to see your photos!

The Drinking Disney Daily ( photo blog will begin January 1, 2012.  We’ll link to it from here and there will be a new photo a day, every day.  At least until we run out of photos…but we’re really hoping that doesn’t happen.


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