Happy Hour! Magical Star Cocktail

This week’s Happy Hour drink , the Magical Star Cocktail, can be found in pretty much every Disney owned lounge and restaurant at Walt Disney World.   The video below was taken at Victoria Falls at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I asked Bartender Kate how I could make one at home, and she gave me her version of the recipe as listed below.

Since this is a smaller glass, you might want to start with some crushed ice and then add:


2 oz. X-Rated Fusion Liqueur

2 oz. Coconut Rum (Parrot Bay)

Top with pineapple juice and shake or stir.


Add a glow cube for the full “magical” effect.

Two things of note with the Magical Star.   The X-Fusion Liqueur listed on the lounge menu is actually X-Rated Fusion liqueur.   But being that it’s Disney, you can understand why they weren’t going to put that on the menu.  Also, the type of glass this is served in seems to vary from lounge to lounge.  This recipe is for the type of glass as shown in the video, which is known as a “dizzy” cocktail glass, but any 8 oz. glass will do.

Please try this at home!


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