Drinking Disney at Home – Nightmare Before Christmas

We found a few Nightmare Before Christmas items on our recent Walt Disney World trip in the Villains in Vogue store at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  (Villains are apparently no longer “in vogue” though, because very little villains merchandise is found there these days.)

They had these shot glass sets available, one with different facial expressions of Jack, and one with Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie, and Lock, Shock and Barrel.  Each set retails for $22.95.

NMBC Shot Glasses

They also had a shiny frosted pilsner glass featuring Jack’s face with a pattern around it, and a similar shot glass, though the shot glass did not have the pattern.  The pilsner glass was $10.95 and the shot glass was $7.95.

NBC Shot Glass and Pilsner Glass

If you don’t have plans to visit Walt Disney World anytime soon but would like pick up one of these items, or pretty much any park merchandise you’ve seen or heard about, contact Walt Disney World Mail Order at 1-877-560-6477 .


4 thoughts on “Drinking Disney at Home – Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. i had two of those but they both broke i really whant to buy some new ones .i called the number but that number is no longer working, anyplace else i can buy two?

  2. James – I saw them over Christmas at Villains in Vogue. I *believe* they still had them when we stopped by a couple weeks ago.

    Karina – I updated with the new number, but here you go. Did not realize that one was no longer working. I called this one and it worked fine: 1-877-560-6477

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