12 Drinks of Christmas – Drink 5

Caramel Apple Margarita

The 5th Drink of Christmas - Caramel Apple Margarita

O.k. First off,  the pic.  Yes, it’s a little blurry.  Sorry about that.  I couldn’t get a good pic of this drink for the life of me.  Flash ones were washed out,  non-flash ones were blurry, and I’m not at all sure about that color.    But anyway…

Let’s talk about the 5th Drink of Christmas.   As we were walking around the Boardwalk we spotted Boardwalk Joe’s, and the Caramel Apple Margarita I had been hearing about lately.  This had to be the next drink.

It sounds good, right?  Caramel apples and liquor.  Yes, it does sound good.  Sadly though, it wasn’t.  Not just to me, but to my drinking companion as well, who, I might add, is much more willing to cut a drink some slack than I am.

The Caramel Apple Margarita is made by pouring a little caramel sauce in the bottom of the cup, and then adding the sour apple margarita mix (Boo Ya Premium Silver Tequila, Apple Pucker, and Sweet & Sour) on top of it.    I was really expecting a good mix of the flavors from this, but even after stirring it, then tasting it, then stirring it some more,  it just didn’t happen.   Maybe our server was a little chintzy with the caramel, I don’t know.   But as someone who actually likes tart drinks, all I can say is this was beyond tart to me.  It was almost undrinkable.  Actually, it was undrinkable.  I had a few sips to make sure I gave it a  fair try, and then I was done because what I tasted when I took a drink of this was the equivalent of about 10 frozen sour apple Jolly Ranchers being stuffed into my mouth at once.  Not pleasant.

Now, my drinking companion had a little better luck.  He said he could taste a smidge of the caramel, but that wasn’t enough to make him a fan as the sour apple taste was just too overwhelming.   Our general consensus was if you really, really, really love tart stuff,  like, let’s say, ten frozen Jolly Ranchers stuffed into your mouth, you might like this drink.

To be fair, I have read a couple of positive reviews elsewhere for it so maybe we just had a bad batch.  It happens.  But I’m not willing to hand over another $9.50+tax to find that out.   So no more Caramel Apple Margaritas for me.  I’m moving on to the 6th Drink of Christmas.


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