12 Drinks of Christmas – Drink 4

Santa's Little Helper

4th Drink of Christmas - Santa's Little Helper


Today’s drink is Santa’s Little Helper and it is the only drink of the 12 Drinks of Christmas that I specifically planned to try on our trip.  Found at the Crew’s Cup Lounge,  it was considered a “feature” drink for the holidays.  I didn’t notice the sign in the corner until after I had ordered it though.

SLH Sign

Better than a specialty, it's a feature!

This holiday concoction contains Goldschlager, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Butterscotch Schnapps and cream.  With a name like Santa’s Little Helper it probably won’t be around too much longer, but I suspect you could ask for it at other times of the year and they’d probably know what you were talking about.

I found the drink exactly as I expected it to be: smooth and creamy with a hint of  butterscotch taste.  All the flavors in it blended well and it was  really good, if not too strong.   (If you’re making a home version, this might benefit from that whipped cream flavored vodka…)     I liked the drink quite a bit, as did my drinking companion, but we both agreed it’s not something you’d probably want to have more than a couple of during a night out.  It’s really better suited to being a dessert cocktail.  But I will definitely have another one of these at some point.

Tomorrow’s 5th Drink of Christmas takes us to the Boardwalk Resort area, and it’s the first drink neither of us were fans of.  Anyone have a guess?


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