12 Drinks of Christmas – Drink 3


The 3rd Drink of Christmas - Gluhwein

The third drink of Christmas was an easy choice.  I had seen it during trips over the holidays in previous years, but never tried it.  So we stopped by the Germany Pavillion’s holiday market, Christkindlmarkt, to sample the Gluhwein.

Personally, I didn’t care for it.   First off, it’s a hot beverage and it was around 80 degrees out when I tasted it.  Not really the best combination of drink and weather.   But aside from the temperature, I also didn’t care for the taste.  The spices mixed with the wine just wasn’t working for me, and it tasted kind of  bitter.   However, my drinking companion enjoyed it but agreed that a hot day in theme park isn’t exactly the best scenario for this type of drink.  A cold winter’s night in Germany is probably perfect.

If you’re a fan of mulled wine in general, or even hot spiced ciders, you’ll probably enjoy the Germany Pavillion’s Gluhwein.  If not, I’d skip it.

Tomorrow we’re heading out of the park and to a hotel lounge.  You can probably guess which one.


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