Drinking Disney at Home – Disney Store

More fun stuff at the Disneystore.com.

This 2oz. Mickey Mouse Color Fusion Mini-Tumbler set is cute and only $6.95.   Note that they are plastic.  Also note that a shot glass by any other name is still a shot glass.   They are cute though.

Mickey Shot Glasses

Same goes for this Etched Cinderella’s Mini-Glass for $5.95.

Cinderella Shot Glass

They also have a 2.5 oz. Pirates of the Caribbean Mini Glass for $6.95.

Pirates Shot Glass

As well as an 8 oz. Tall Pirates of the Caribbean Glass for $9.95.

Tall Pirates of the Caribbean Glass

An Etched Mickey Mouse Wine Glass, in the same pattern of the etched pilsner glass we saw last week, for $9.95.

Wine Glass

If you like using charms to mark your glasses, they have this cute 6 piece Color Fusion Mickey Mouse Charm Set for $15.95.

Color Fusion Charms

Mickey Mouse Icon Corkscrew and Bottle Stopper Set for $17.95.  If you don’t want the corkscrew, they also have the Mickey Mouse Bottle Stopper separately for $8.95.

Sorcerer Mickey Mouse Bottle Stopper for $8.95.

And lastly, a Best of Mickey Mouse Bottle Opener for $6.95.

Bottle Opener

Too late for Christmas shipping, but they do have free shipping on orders of over $50.00 with the code SHIPFIFTY.


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