12 Drinks of Christmas

12 Drinks of Xmas

We’re heading to Walt Disney World for Christmas this weekend.  This will actually be our third Disney World Christmas in four years.  It’s busy, but we always manage to do enough to make it worth our while.   Plus being here in Florida it’s a little hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s 80 degrees so all that holiday decor sure helps.   It probably sounds crazy to some, but we love it.

As this is our first Christmas trip since the creation of this blog, I wanted to do something fun for it.  I was inspired by a friend I have in Seattle who makes a point every December to visit 12 new bars which become the 12 Bars of Christmas.    Well, I go to Disney World a lot so I’ve already been to most of the bars.   However, when I visit those bars, I tend to order the same drinks.  I know drink menus change and there is always something new to try,  I just rarely seem to stray from my favorites.  But in the spirit of my friend Scott’s annual quest to try something new, there will be the 12 Drinks of Christmas.

Some will be official Disney World “Christmas” drinks…I have my eye on that “Santa’s Little Helper” especially.   But others will just be drinks we haven’t had that sound interesting and/or are new to the menu.   Other than Santa’s Little Helper,  there is no set plan.   It could be a beer, it could be a wine, but I expect most will be a cocktail of some sort.  I’ll post a drink a day,  starting on December 25, and tell you what it is, where it came from, and if we liked it…or we didn’t.   With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust I may even find a new favorite drink (that I won’t be able to have next Christmas because we’ll probably do it all over again.)

So stay tuned…December 25th the Twelve Drinks of Christmas begin.


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