Beers of the World – La Fin Du Monde

La Fin Du Monde

Today’s beer is crafted by the Unibroue Brewery out of Quebec, Canada.   The literal translation of La Fin Du Monde is “The end of the world.”    The Unibroue Brewery provides an interesting backstory via video on the beer here.

Found in two locations at Walt Disney World, Le Cellier Steakhouse and the Hollywood Brown Derby, the following is the description from the Le Cellier menu:

This triple-style golden is the most famous, and most popular, started by European visitors who thought they had found the end of the world when they discovered North America.  This beer is made with a natural carbonation which makes it taste fruity and light.

This beer has a fairly high alcohol content at 9% ABV, which makes it one of the stronger ones found on property.  I found it to taste a little more like a cider than a beer, but it was good.    Beer Advocate gives it a top score of 100 while readers give it a 96, qualifying it for a high A.   Obviously a great choice while you are enjoying a meal at Le Cellier or the Brown Derby.


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