Drinks of Disney Past – Adventurers Club

Once upon a time, there was a tavern

Adventurers Club

Adventurers Club 1989-2008

Well, not quite a tavern.  It was much more than that.

Located at Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island, the Adventurers Club was a wonderful mix of theater, comedy, and frosty adult beverages.   It was also arguably the most unique entertainment offering in all of Walt Disney World and if you were a fan, a place that would be just as much responsible for your travels to Orlando as the Magic Kingdom is to everyone else.  Sadly, in September 2008  it was closed down, as were the other night clubs at Pleasure Island.

Adventurers Club Promo Cast Photo

Adventurers Club Promo Cast Photo

We loved the Adventurers Club.  It was our favorite place at Pleasure Island, and we still miss it.   Along with the entertaining rituals, skits and songs, the club had its own drink menu and every drink had a fun description tied to a character or event at the club.  Rather than let them slip into Disney history along with the club, we thought we’d share them.

Straight from the official Adventurers Club menu:

  • The Hoopla – This crazy concoction of Cruzan coconut rum, vodka, melon liqueur and pineapple juice is sure to curl the toes of the most hearty of adventurers.  Named for our nightly extravaganza in the library!  Shout for it by name…HOOPLA!
  • Otis Wren’s Tall Tale – See if you can swallow this questionable mixture of Cruzan coconut rum, peach schnapps and pineapple juice.  Our club treasurer swears he wrestled this recipe from the jaws of the rare Makira Marlena  (That’s Big Black Fish to You!)  Listen as Otis recounts his tale nightly at the BALDERDASH CUP in the Library.
Otis Wren

Club Treasurer Otis Throckmorton Wren competes in the Balderdash Cup

  • Fletcher Hodges Fruitsation – Fletcher searched the four corners of the world to locate this most secret recipe of Cruzan orange and pineapple rums mixed with orange juice, pineapple and cranberry.  This drink is said to have been favored by the ancient Pharaohs and is rumored to have strange mystical properties.
  • Samantha’s Passion Potion –  Samantha cooked up this potion while in the rain forests of South America.  The tropical flavors of Absolut Cirton, melon liqueur, pineapple and cranberry are sure to stir the animal inside!  Enjoy one during  SAMANTHA’S CABERET, but be warned…you might want to sip it!
  • Pamelia’s Punch – This is a wild mix of Cruzan orange, pineapple and coconut rums mixed with pineapple, cranberry, orange and sour.  Pamelia Perkins refers to this as her “presidential punch” and after two she tends to cuddle up to the Yakoose.   Cast your vote and order one during our “RADIOTHON”!
  • Hathaway Browne’s Banana Bomber – Strap in and hold on as Hathaway takes your taste buds for a thrill filled spin with this legendary libation.  Filled with Cruzan banana rum, cranberry juice and a twist of lime.  This is one bomber that will send your mouth into a tailspin!  Listen for Hathaway to crash land during our BALDERDASH CUP in the Library!
Hathaway Browne

Club Aviator Hathaway Browne

  • Bongo’s Jungle Juice – Enough to make any sane man go ape!  The tongue tingling flavors of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, 151 and Cruzan Rum along with orange juice and strawberry are served up in one of Fletcher’s favorite souvenir mugs.  This rare specialty drink can only be dared by the bravest of adventurers.
  • Kungaloosh – Spot your fellow adventurer by tipping a glass of this frozen concoction made of with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, blackberry brandy liqueur, orange and strawberry juices.  This is the official drink for all visiting adventurers during our new member induction ceremony.
  • Hot Chocolate Yakoose Moose – This tattered recipe of dark creme de cacao, Bailey’s Irish Creme and hot chocolate was found stitched to the bottom of our own Yakoose, back fresh from the upholsterers.  We’re quite certain this is the reason for his random outbursts, but we have yet to catch him drinking one…

Otis really meant to grab the feather duster...we think

  • The Colonel’s Keoke Coffee – While on safari in deepest Africa, the Colonel stumbled upon this warm blend of dark creme de cacao, brandy and coffee.  He says it gives him the stamina to keep an ever watchful eye over the  Adventurers Club.  Won’t you join him for a cup?  Eyes forward!
  • Beezel’s Hot Almond Joy – Beezel has a nose for a good drink and while you are visiting our Treasure Room, be sure and try this combination of Cruzan Coconut Rum, amaretto and hot chocolate.  Just don’t lose your head over it.
  • Emil’s Strawberry Colada (Non-Alcholic, of course!) –  From deepest, darkest… Sandusky, Ohio!  Emil brought us his grandmother’s recipe for this delicious frozen confection.  This frozen blend of stawberries will keep you refreshed and alert.  According to Grandmother Bleehall, it also cures the gout and doubles as a compress for pitchfork related injuries.  Order one now!
  • Babylonia’s Brew – A refreshing mix of pineapple juice, orange juice, Sprite and a splash of sour mix, Babylonia sips one a day… of course you wouldn’t believe the size of the glass!

Heavy on the rum perhaps, but much more entertaining than the new standard lounge drink menu by far.  It was just another part of the themeing of the club that made it work so well. Also, if rum wasn’t your poison, they had several talented bartenders that were good at creating just the right cocktail for you as well.   A couple of the drinks served to yours truly soon became favorites.

The Adventurers Club still stands at Pleasure Island, although gutted and stripped of most of its distinguishing features.  But as long as the building is there, many adventurers retain hope that someday it may return.   To keep up to date on news relating to Pleasure Island, the Adventurers Club, or just a place to go out for some nightlife when you’re in the Orlando area, we suggest keeping an eye on the Save Pleasure Island Blog.  King Bob has been reporting on the situation at Pleasure Island since before the clubs closed and if anything big happens down there, we’re pretty sure he’ll hear about it.

 A hearty “Kungaloosh” to the cast and staff at the Adventurers Club for all the great entertainment and fun drinks during those 19 years.
Adventurers Club exterior photo courtesy of Shawn T.    Otis Wren and Yakoose photos courtesy of Catherine V.

One thought on “Drinks of Disney Past – Adventurers Club

  1. We had so much fun on Pleasure Island. It’s hard to believe they closed it down. I’m glad we experienced it before it was gone. Thanks for bringing back the memories…


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