New Feature – Beers of the World

Yehaa Bob Jackson at Port Orleans Riverside Resort says it best when he sings “I like beer!”

We understand that not everyone is a cocktail fan.  Some simply prefer a nice cold beer.

We’ve got you covered.

Every so often, we’ll highlight one of the beers at Walt Disney World, let you know where to find it, and even review one from time to time.   We won’t cover the usual suspects such as the Budweisers, the Millers, etc.,  because those are in plenty supply all over the World except for the Magic Kingdom.   Instead, we’ll be bringing you beers that are limited editions, harder to find, or maybe even found in only one location throughout Walt Disney World.   Along with our own reviews, we’ll link you to the reviews of the folks at Beer Advocate so you can get the big picture on what people think of a particular beer.

If you’re on a quest for a good beer, we’ll help you find it.  Stay tuned!

(Photo “Dawa Bar Tusker Ale” by ckramer via FLICKR Creative Commons Attribution.)


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