Tables in Wonderland

Tables in Wonderland


Do you have a Tables in Wonderland card?  Its a great companion when you’re drinking Disney.

If you’re not familiar with it, Tables in Wonderland (“TIW”) is a discount card which provides 20% off food and beverages (including alcohol) for the cardholder and up to nine guests at over 70 Disney World resort restaurants and lounges.   The card is available to Annual Passholders ($75) and Florida Residents ($100) who are 21 and over and is good for one year.   (Although if you buy it early in the month, due to the way they calculate the year you can actually end up with close to 14 months.)

The price may seem a bit high, but if you’ve been to the Disney lounges and restaurants before, you already know the drinks tend to be on the expensive side and how quickly they can add up –  a $7 beer here, a $10 Magical Star there – and the next thing you know you’ve run up a $100.00 bar tab at Port Orleans Riverside watching Yeehaw Bob on a Saturday night (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…).   With the TIW card,  that bar tab would have been $20.00 less and you would have recouped at least a fifth of the price of the card in just a single night out.

Of course not everyone would spend that much in one night at a lounge, but with the additional savings at restaurants,  you can make up the cost in no time.   I bought my card in July of this year.   After three weekend trips, it was paid for and I still have about ten months to go.   I’ve also kept a running total on how much I’ve saved so far and I’m about $20.0o in the black.

In addition to the discount on food and beverages, some other benefits of the TIW card are:

  •  Complimentary valet parking at the resorts when you dine there.  When you leave, show your dining receipt and TIW card and your valet parking fee will be waived.
  • Free parking at the Disney parks after 5:00 p.m.
  • Access to special members-only events,  such as dinners and wine tastings, throughout the year. Some are truly are “special” events,  such as the dinner they held in the Great Movie Ride a couple years ago.

If you decide to purchase the TIW card, keep in mind that it is not good on holidays including Mothers Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,  New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.   It also has an auto gratuity of 18% on all food and drinks*,  but since that’s pretty much the standard these days,  it’s never bothered me.   They give me the check, I pay the total (or a few bucks more for excellent service) and I’m good to go.  Easier than trying to do the math a few drinks in…

While the TIW card may not work for everyone, if you visit Disney World often and enjoy your cocktails and a nice dinner out when on vacation, I’m sure you’ll find it’s well worth the cost.


Tables in Wonderland is available at Guest Services or by calling 407-566-5858. A list of 2011 participating restaurants and lounges may be found here, on

*Victoria and Albert’s gratuity is 20%.  Participating food court purchases do not require gratuity.


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